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ZAKU EWI - BP21 L200 - Brick slip spacer

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BP21 L200 - Brick slip spacer bsp


length (mm)



BP21 L200 6mm X 10mm


6mm X 10mm

50, 100

BP21 L200 8mm X 12mm


8mm X 12mm

50, 100

Spacing beads for clinker bricks

Application: to ensure spacing between clinker bricks.

Maintaining an even width of mortar between clicker bricks is a necessary parameter for the construction and technical approval of walls and posts from this type of material.

Typically, PVC spacing beads are used for this purpose.

Our product range includes beads with the most recommended and used dimensions: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm: BP21, 8 mm x 12 mm, BP21, 6 mm x 10 mm

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