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Damp Proof Course DPC 300 mm x 30 metre x 1mm (12 inch)

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Three-layered membrane consisting of a modified polyethylene core, laminated on both sides using polypropylene nonwoven fabric, which largely facilitates the connection between the mortar and the insulation over the entire surface. The mortar penetrates into the nonwoven fabric and binds with the damp-resistant barrier during the drying process.


  • Horizontal damp-resistant insulation is used to prevent the capillary distribution of water from the ground through the wall.
  • Used on strip foundations, between the foundation wall and the aboveground part of buildings, as well as under the concrete screed leveling as the protection against the penetration of water between the parts of the building structure.
  • It is much stronger and lighter than a conventional PVC foil.
  • Horizontal insulation of strip foundations, plates and partition walls.
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