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PRO Heavy Duty HD Level with Handles 2m

PRO Heavy Duty HD Level with Handles 2m

PRO Level Endurance Plus 1000 Black

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Description and specifications

New serie of bubble levels - PRO800 have a lot of special facilities:        

  •     Modern level vial for easy and quick read, regardless of the anglelook
  •     The level vial of high quality acrylic glass
  •     Mild shape and no sharp edges for easy and fast cleaning of any debris
  •     The effect of a magnifying glass, which makes bigger the size of the follicle
  •     Nozzles are made of an elastomer with high energy absorption, which are effective protection of profile
  •     Handle for easy holding a bubble level during the measurements
  •     Three – chambered profile, which guarantees high resistance to mechanical damage
  •     Ribbed to increase rigidity of profile - extra protection against mechanical damages

Bubble levels PRO800 ENDURANCE series vials are equipped with a specially designed roundworms shape that allows easy reading, so. ERS (easy reading system). Thanks to this solution the angle at which the measurement is carried out reading becomes totally irrelevant.

Vial accuracy of 0.5 mm / m = 0.029 °. The new vial made of high-quality acrylic hemispherical shape is also very well lit, which facilitates  work in lower light conditions. It uses the modern (smooth and rounded) vial holder. The edges do not collect any dirt, which eliminates the problems associated with cleaning vials from the remaining adhesive or mortar.

The of the vial is designed in such a way that the measurement level in two positions - normal and reverse - while maintaining accuracy
measurement. This property is particularly useful in situations ceiling level measurement or high beams on when the reading from the top of the vial is impossible.
All measurement tools and their profiles are tested for: bending vertical and horizontal, compression, and torsion. The studies allow the release on the market only products of the highest quality. In addition, PRO provides customers with a 10 year guarantee on the indicators. This means that the vials do not lose indication of their accuracy, non-fogging and do not leak.

New levels for PRO800 series are a product of Polish. Company PRO generates bubble levels for more than 25 years. Vial are no sharp edges. In addition, it uses a magnifying glass effect, allowing an increase of 30% of the image of the bladder, which also has become a much more pronounced.

All bubble levels for PRO800 series have TO VIALS OF DIVISION, which enables determination of the vertical regardless of how you hold the level.

Profile PA38 - three-chambered, marked by good tensile strength and good fatigue resistance. Profile of PRO800 has additional longitudinal reinforcement, which provides increased stiffness.

Each profile in the production process is subjected to a thorough check for linearity specially designed to this end position. Profile linearity checks on the entire length of 0.5 m, and the maximum acceptable deviation is + / - 0.3 mm.

The module containing the vial is attached to the profile by snap thanks to special teeth, which ensures a perfect fit elements. Additional reinforcement provides the glue bonding the profile module and vial





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